Best in Class Sonic/Electric Toothbrush!

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Forget manual toothbrushing! You need this Electric Toothbrush with multiple cleaning modes for optimal oral and gum health!

Best in Class Sonic/Electric Toothbrush!

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You can get this Amazing Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush for $92 OFF- if you act now!

Why pay $100, $160, $225 or more for oftentimes LOWER quality?

It outperformed the major brands and the manual brush and for good reason:

  • Built stronger
  • Better looking
  • Longer lasting on one charge than any other sonic brush

In fact, the longest-lasting and most effective sonic toothbrush on the market!! Also features an auto two minute timer and many brushing modes.

$92 OFF #1 Performing sonic toothbrush in its class!

White Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush 169.99  Sale: $77.99!

Black Diamond (Limited Edition) 179.99  Sale: 87.99!

$92 off Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush White or Black
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Any of the electric toothbrushes out there can vibrate in your mouth. But, different types of powered toothbrushes may not have all the bells and whistles.

However, the Pur Well Living Sonic Tooth Brush has been designed to elevate your mouth to a whole new level!

The Pur Well Living Sonic Tooth Brush and it’s toothbrush heads clean your teeth and help with gum care. This is the ultimate in tooth protection, removing plaque, and fresh breath. Now, with new stain removal technology. Pair this with a water flosser and your oral health will be impeccable.

$92 off Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush White or Black (Clip)
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Amazing reviews. Dentist Recommended!


$92 – off White Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush

  • Regular Price: $169.99
  • Sale Price: $77.99!

$92 – off Black Diamond (Limited Edition)

  • Regular Price: $179.99
  • Sale Price: $87.99!

The charge can last of 3-6 months and comes with 10x plaque removal Premium Toothbrush head. The battery life is amazing!

$92 off Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush White or Black (Clip)
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