Top 40 Things to NOT Give Up For Lent

Top 40 Things to NOT Give Up For Lent

The first day of lent this year is almost upon us.

Here are some family-friendly products that you can be sure won’t take away from your time for spiritual reflection during Lent 2021.

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However, even if you plan to live in monk-like obedience to tradition this Lenten season, there are still some things you’re really going to need! This might not be the time to treat yourself but there are certain items you really shouldn’t give up!



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10. Your Skincare System!

Lent is meant to be a time of breaking bad habits and reflecting on how you can improve your relationship with God by denying harmful worldly temptations. Many people think of high-end skincare systems as an indulgence, but in reality, this is self-care. Lent isn’t meant to be about needlessly cutting out things that make you feel good and certainly not things that are good for you. This Pur-Well Living Ageless Skincare System is good for your skin and good for your self-confidence.


Consistently taking care of our skin is incredibly important, especially as we age.

This system is formulated to cleanse, moisturize, heal, firm, and protect your skin.

self care day

9. Outdoor Fun

If you’re considering not getting that new bike, just remember that exercise is a form of self-care. Also, a new bicycle is a great easter present for yourself for Easter. After 40 long days of fasting, a small, healthy reward is well deserved. This 21 Speed MTB 24″/26″ Front Suspension Mountain Bike makes for an excellent option.


The frame is made of steel and it has 21 speeds and mechanical disk breaks. The bike’s weight is 38 pounds and it bears a max load weight of 220 pounds.

mountain biking

8. Hair Charms and Little Accessories

Little indulgences like this are ultimately harmless and confidence-boosting. There’s no reason to give up looking good in order to observe Lent.

These beautiful green charms will catch the light nicely in Easter photos or at your Mardi Gras celebration. Green, purple, and gold, are the most common Fat Tuesday celebration colors.

charm bomb

7. Adult Coloring Books

Many people like to buy themselves adult coloring books as a stress-reducing activity. Reducing stress is meant to be one of the benefits of Lent, by resisting negative temptations during Lent.

This National Parks coloring book celebrates the natural beauty of landscapes across our country. It’s suitable for people of all ages and offers an engaging family-friendly activity that relieves stress and provides time for reflection and inward contemplation.

adult coloring

6. Movies!

A lot of people are recommending less screen time these days. It might not be a bad idea to consider reducing your screen time as part of your Lenten observation.

However, less screen time doesn’t have to mean that you cut out movies for the next 40 days! Unlike those bingeable streaming TV shows or social media apps that suck you in for hours at a time, movies are only about two hours long.

Therefore, you can mindfully set aside a reasonable amount of time each week to watch a movie with your loved ones. This is an easy low-stress bonding activity that can help you wind down after a long week.

sister act

Our suggestion for your Lenton season movie list is the Whoopi Goldberg classic, Sister Act. First of all, any movie with Whoopi in it is worth watching. Secondly, it’s one of the most fun and lighthearted movies about religious transformation out there. In learning to live a more simple life as a nun, Whoopi’s character in Sister Act displays the spirit behind Lent beautifully.


5. Drawing Tablets

While we’ve already covered that you might want to reduce your screen time once lent starts, it’s also important to set aside mindful time for you to pursue your digital hobbies.

This Wacom – Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet is a great buy whether you want to make some digital paintings, or you’re just sick of using clunky mouses that never seem to be just the right size for your hand.


There are a loyal group of Wacom customers who find using a pen much more ergonomically advantageous than using a traditional mouse. A pen allows for pressure sensitivity, easier sinuous movement (such as forming the curves of your signature on e-documents).

when you paint

4. A Heated Blanket for Your Car

It would be miserable to commit to being cold for the last 40 days of winter. After all, Jesus Christ spent those originally 40 days wandering the desert, not the arctic tundra.

The Sojoy 12V Electric Blanket Heated is an electric blanket for your car.

heated blanket

Incredibly easy to operate, this blanket plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. Warming up in moments, this blanket makes you feel toasty warm, no matter the temperature outside your vehicle. It has three heat functions (high, low, and medium,) as well as a time controller that can be set to 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Whether you want this blanket for cold winters, road trips, camping, RV’s, or emergencies, it will be a comfort to have in your vehicle. The outer shell is made from 100% soft, high-quality polyester fleece and is machine washable.

blanket roll


3. Music

Don’t settle for lower quality headphones. Music is good for the soul, it can boost your mood and help reduce stress.

Choose these DA2 Decibel Atmosphere Ear Buds Bluetooth Waterproof headphones if you’re looking for high-quality sound at an affordable price.


these headphones have everything you could want for a fraction of the price of competitors. They’re great for lounging around the house, listening to bops while you work, or working out while listening to your jams.

music kittens

2. Slavery Free Chocolate

While it’s common for people to give up chocolate for Lent, most don’t commit to using only slavery-free products. Tony’s Chocoloney is a slave-free chocolate company.

According to Tony’s Chocolonely, modern-day cocoa farms in West Africa use slavery and child labor. The company’s vision is to help create a world in which all chocolate is slave-free.

They have developed a sourcing and business model that is fully transparent. It is also scalable for any chocolate manufacturer to adopt. This fair trade certified treat is something that you can truly feel good about treating yourself to.

melted chocolate

1. Instacart

Giving up certain foods, fasting, and dieting is hard enough without the hassle of grocery shopping yourself. Using Instacart takes a fraction of the time hoofing it through the store yourself does. It can help save you money by keeping you away from wandering down the candy or clearance aisle “because it’s a shortcut”.


Not to mention, you don’t have to unload the groceries from the car yourself! Which would only take one trip. Obviously.

foods here



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