The Worst Gifts to Give an Aries

The Worst Gifts to Give an Aries

Aries are natural-born leaders who become bored easily. Dating an Aries can be difficult because they are more driven by adventure than emotions but when they fall in love they become the most loyal and intense companion you could ask for.

Up against a personality like that, who wouldn’t worry about getting bad gifts for Aries? Well, whoever the Aries is that you’re shopping for, never fear. We have thoroughly consulted the zodiac, looked at the signs, and come up with a list of five absolute no-go gifts for the Aries you hold dear.

It can be tricky knowing what not to get an Aries, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve done the hard work for you! If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or a holiday gift for an occasion special to your Aries, we’ve got you covered.

Aries 1

5. Lazy Clothes

Aries is about as active as any sign gets! They are extroverts with an extra dose of get-up-and-go. They have no desire to lounge around all day.

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Though these lounge pants are lovely, Aries won’t value them as much as a quieter sign might. This is because Aries doesn’t tend to put a lot of weight or value on resting when they could be out doing something instead.

lazy clothes

4. Feet Exfoliators

Putting their feet up? Aries won’t stand for it (or sit for it as the case may be). They are so full of fuel that they hate sitting still. Even when they are “resting” they are likely to be multitasking or fidgeting. They are the kind of people who will watch tv shows in chunks in between doing the laundry or working out.  They do not want to be stuck in one spot, unable to get up and go as they please. Therefore, these amazing foot exfoliators are simply wasted on your local Aries.

foot exfoliator

These are designed to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while exfoliating calluses and dry patches. You can get softer, smoother skin by using this treatment. Walking while wearing this treatment is possible, so if you do manage to wrestle the Aries in your life into them, they just might learn to like the experience!

cat spa

3. A New TV

Aries can be pretty focused on the physical and the immediate. Aries would SO much rather be outside doing than inside watching. A new TV is all but wasted on them. No matter how crisp the picture is, or accurate and saturated the color, Aries is more invested in the real world than the silver screen.

Even this Samsung – 50″ Class 7 Series LED 4K UHD Smart TV isn’t likely to wow the Aries in your life as much as a trip to a mountain or faraway beach.

tv 1

Never mind that it has crystal clear ultra HD and a game-enhancing function that automatically adjusts to help video games run more smoothly. This TV might be a great gift for anyone else, but it’s merely a good gift for an Aries. We think you can do better than simply good.

new tv

2. A Fitness Tracker

Why not give the sporty and intense Aries a fitness tracker? Because they’ve already got one. With their competitive edge and obsession with perfection, the Aries probably had their eye on the latest model months before it ever crossed your mind to get them something.

Odds are, the Aries already knows the exact brand, color, and model that they want. Getting them one that’s just slightly wrong will be like the fly in the ointment. Better not to risk it, if you ask us.

Though this Fitbit – Charge 4 Activity Tracker has everything you could want in a fitness tracker, it still might not be quite right for the Aries woman, man, child, or person you’re shopping for.


This tracker measures calories burned and heart rate. It also tracks time, activity, sleep activity, pace, and sleep stages. Sadly this might not be enough for your Aries friend.


1. A Book on Meditation

Aries is often a hands-on learner that likes to gain new knowledge by doing, rather than theorizing. A book on meditation is likely the last thing that’s going to deeply resonate with your Aries.

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Fire signs like the Aries are the most energized of the zodiac signs and they are constantly looking to burn that energy off. Even when they’re relaxing they like to be achieving something at the same time. While completing sudoku or doing some light yoga might offer them enough accomplishment to stay on task, meditation is likely to be a harder sell, especially if you lead with theory instead of practice.


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