The Worst Gift Ideas for a Taurus

The Worst Gift Ideas for a Taurus

The Taurus zodiac sign is one that is down-to-earth and dependable but still appreciates the finer things in life. These traits can be difficult fr some other signs to understand.

The good news is, we’ve collected the five worst gift ideas for a Taurus. This was, if you’re on the fence about what to get the Taurus in your life you’ll know if you’ve gone astray.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for a Taurus man or gift ideas for a Taurus woman, we’ve got you covered.


Taurus are earth signs rules by Venus who are very in tune with the material world as a result. Just pay attention to their values and traits and you can find the perfect gift whether it’s a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or something else entirely!


5. Pur-White Smart Teeth Whitening System

While the Pur-White Smart Teeth Whitening System is a safe and effective way to get a better smile, it is a very personal gift. Most Taurus signs will not see it as being practical enough for them.

teeth white

Worse yet, they might even take offense to the idea that their smile isn’t already as perfect as can be!

Giving personal care items as gifts can be enormously tricky business so we recommend trying something else if you aren’t absolutely sure this is what your Taurus wants.

That being said, if your Taurus has asked specifically for a teeth whitening kit, you can’t go wrong with this one.

This kit uses specialized Pur-Bright LED technology that covers both visible and non-visible teeth for advanced whitening. It provides professional results with a patented formula that’s gentle on enamel. Virtually no tooth sensitivity results from use, unlike with other teeth whitening products!



4. A Paramount + Subscription

Tauruses are hard workers driven by a need to provide for others and a desire to have the best for themselves and those they love. It’s true that Paramount+ is an amazing streaming service full of hundreds of thousands of hours of quality entertainment.


However, a Taurus appreciates the practical things in life and would likely be more excited to get a gift that reflected that.

Kicking back and enjoying some amazing shows is certainly something most Taurus love, but they would find more meaning in a gift that they can use for a function other than just recreation.



3. Funko The Mandalorian Collectable Figurine

This FunkoPop The Mandalorian collectible might be adorable but it isn’t really the best gift for a Taurus.


Tauruses are not ever going to be the first star sign to be swept away by fantastical storytelling.

This is because they’re so rooted in the real world that a galaxy far, far away will never be as immersive to them as it is to the more fanciful zodiac signs.

Even if your Taurus friend or loved one enjoys watching the Mandolorian (or any other media property that you might want to get a Funko figurine of) they are not likely to put as much value in a collectible as you might think.

They are very money conscious, meaning that most Tauruses are not big collectors. Or, if they are, they keep a very close eye on the market and sell their collection off before the value can depreciate too much.

Either way, there are much better gifts out there for a Taurus.

Baby yoda


2. Nintendo Switch

You’re probably thinking that a Nintendo Switch is a great gift for anyone, and if so you aren’t wrong.


As we’ve said before, Tauruses are just not so much the fantasy type. They might like a Switch just fine, but at the end of the day, it will be just an okay gift instead of a great gift.

Sure, this Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition console lets you enjoy hours of immersive gaming. That’s not something Taurus men and Taurus women typically love though. They value the real world above fantasy and work above play.

When they do unwind they are more in the mindset of appreciating physical pleasures over gaming experiences. Taureans love the finer things and would probably appreciate a fine meal at their favorite restaurant over a Switch that they’ll only play occasionally.


1. Freestyle Camo One Piece Swimsuit

No matter how well you know someone, you’re wading into dangerous waters when you buy them a swimsuit. Even one as sleek as the Freestyle Camo One Piece Swimsuit isn’t a safe bet here.


If the swimsuit doesn’t fit right, you could be in big trouble with the Taurus in your life. Sizes can vary between brands and swimsuits, by their nature, are not very forgiving of an improper fit.

The last thing you want to do is make your Taurus feel obligated to show up to the pool or beach looking less than their best.

Therefore, avoid swimsuits altogether. If you are compelled to go with an item of clothing, choose something a little more forgiving and versatile, like a jacket or a pair of shoes.

Let the Taurus find a swimsuit they feel confident in all on their own.


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