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March 30, 2021

Best Deals for your aching muscles! Have you been searching for natural pain relief options, that do not include anti inflammatory medications? Well, look no further. These products will be a great addition to your foam rollers and epsom salts. Don’t miss out, these deals wont last long!

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Pur Pulse Deep tissue massage gun

This at-home percussion massage gun is designed to break up stress knots and soothe sore spots from aching and tight muscles!

  • Four (4) modes of percussion intensity
  • Two hours of therapy delivery battery life
  • Four interchangeable massage head attachments to treat different muscles
  • Auto-shutoff, with the overheat protection for added safety

Was: $129.99

Price: $69.99!

Pur Pulse Deep tissue massage gun
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Pur Shiatsu Foot Massager

Get pain relief with this Foot Massager! Foot muscle rubs come in this easy to use and at home device!

  • Shiatsu Kneading Air Pressure Foot Massager
  • Three (3) air pressure massage modes
  • Two (2)  intensity for muscles in the toe, instep, and sole of the foot relax and increase the blood circulation

Was: $169.99

Price: $89.99!

Pur Shiatsu Foot Massager
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Strength Genesis CBD Magnesium Spray

Used by athletes  after an intense workout and in physical therapy clinics for years. Target sore muscles post workout or use for general aches and pains.

  • The every day spray for all gym bags and medicine cabinets in America™
  • The only natural and safe modern extra-strength relief – without prescription!
  • Liquid topical CBD + Magnesium = Pain Killer & Muscle relaxant!

Was: $99.99

Now: $69.99!

Strength Genesis CBD Magnesium Spray
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Pur Relaxation Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

The Pur Relaxation Shoulder, Neck and Back Massager can help you to feel better today! Use this pain relieving favorite with roller ball to help with muscle pain.

  • Built-in heating and kneading
  • Massage head can do directed clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Built-in over-heating prevention mechanism

Was: $129.99

Price: $39.99 with the listing coupon!

Pur Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager
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Microwavable Extra Large Heating Wrap

The heating pad of your dreams! Reduce muscle soreness with this wrap!

  • Relieves pain instantly
  • Provides deep, penetrating moist heat
  • Focuses heat where you need it most, for up to 20 minutes

Was: $49.60
Now: $36.50 & FREE Returns

Microwavable Extra Large Heating Wrap
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SG FOX – Fitness Socks

  • Plantar support – brace the midfoot, preventing painful plantar fasciitis and drop arch pain.
  • Ergonomic Fit – snug fit prevents slipping which can cause blisters.
  • Moisture-wicking – breathable fiber blend ensures feet remain dry while preventing odors.
  • Mid-calf design (Crew Sock) – are comfortable and can be worn throughout the day, during your workout routine and appropriate for almost any occasion.

Was: $24.99

Now: $16.99

SG FOX – Fitness Socks
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Cool-Head Microbead Neck Pillow 

  • DUAL COMFORT – Super soft and cozy plush on one side and cool, relaxing spandex on the other.
  • SNAP CLOSURE – This allows you to secure the pillow around your neck to help prevent your head from falling forward so you can catch some Z’s!
  • EASILY ATTACHES TO LUGGAGE – Simply snap around the handle of your luggage or to your backpack. A very hand feature during your travels.

Was: $24.99

Price: $13.99

Cool-Head Microbead Neck Pillow
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