9 Unique Gifts for Cats (and Cat Lovers!)

9 Unique Gifts for Cats (and Cat Lovers!)

Whether you’re looking for gifts for cat lovers or gifts for cats, we’ve got you covered. Cat mom gifts and cat dad gifts might seem like a no-brainer at first glance, but you might not realize that the cat lovers in your life already have all the obvious gifts that you think of at first!

You need a unique option to really make an impression on the cat-obsessed person in your life. Feline sensibilities are notoriously picky after all.


9. Custom Pet Sequins Pillow Cover

This purrfectly cute custom pet photo sequins pillow from Lovimals is more of a gift for cat lovers than the cats themselves. Still, we’re pretty sure most cats are secretly pleased to see their own image on things.

Lovimals Customized pet photo Sequin Pillow Cover

The sparkly side comes in black, rose gold, or silver.
This would make a great gift for the cat lady (or cat gentleman!) in your life.

beautiful cat in a tree in spring cute flowers and cat

8. Cushy Cat Scratch Tree

Cats love to climb and scratch, two hobbies that can seriously inconvenience the humans who care for them. That’s why it’s important to provide these guys with a Cat Trees that can double as a cat scratcher as well.


Speedy Pet Multifunctional Chair Creative Cube House with Scratching Removable Pad Cushions Pet Activity Cat Tree with Ball

A good scratch post will make your cat happy by enabling a natural behavior and it will protect your furniture too! That’s a win-win.

This one comes with a hanging ball toy, hammock, and an adjustable leg to make this cat tree easier to fit into your home. There are plenty of soft places for your cat (or cats) to lounge and many good options to scratch at.

Salem the black cat from Sabrina the Teenage witch nail file bored funny cat gif

7. Cat Treats, Naturally 

Humans love snacking and so do our feline friends, which is why every cat deserves a bag of cat treats in their home.

In this day and age, many responsible cat owners are concerned about the products they feed their cats, and whether those products contain good and wholesome ingredients or potentially harmful chemicals.

There are few cat treats more trusted than Purina Friskies Party Mix Adult Cat Treats 

Amazon Purina Friskies Party Mix Adult Cat Treats - (6) 6 oz. Pouches

These come in a package of six 6 Oz. pouches and are made with real cheese! These pouches offer both lobster and Mac ‘N Cheese flavors, which your cat will certainly enjoy!

The textures of the treats include both very tender and delightfully crunchy aspects. The crunch texture works to clean plaque off of a cat’s teeth, keeping them clean and healthy! 

funny cat with a turn table lets get this party started gif joke meme

6. Decorative Hidden Litter Box

Your pet will love this discrete Hidden Litter Box!

Ebay Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box

If the entrance is positioned facing away from human traffic it will still be accessible to cats but will look like nothing more than a decorative planter to guests in the home. Litter-shy cats will have all the privacy they could possibly need in this cozy space.

If you’ve already got your litter box situation handled but like the look of this faux planter, you have the option of lining the bottom of the box with bedding instead of litter! It instantly becomes a charming pet bed for your cat to escape to when they want some time to themselves.

The ventilated design incorporates a filter that controls dust and odor, for the most discrete possible litter box.

This comes complete with a plant, filter, and moss. Just add litter (or bedding, depending on which you prefer).

This item offers a large capacity pot great for large cats and multi-cat households.

cute kitten playing with toilet paper in the bathroom gif

5. Purrrsonalized Pet Pic Coffee Mug

Your cat probably isn’t drinking out of this personalized pet photo coffee mug themselves, but who knows. They might be.

Whether this is a gift for you or your feline friend, it serves as an adorable reminder of the loving bond you share.

Lovimals Personalized Pet Photo Mug - Circle

Lovimals also offers customized water bottles, if that’s more your speed. Sadly, no wine glasses yet, but we are prepared to wait as long as it takes!

Any kind of cat will look gorgeous with their furry mug printed on this mug, no matter if they’re a tabby, siamese, black cat, or Maine Coon.

It would also make a great mother’s day gift.

coffee shop cat looking out of the window in front of an espresso relaxed cat gif

4. Realistic Electronic Fish Toy!

Every cat should get to play with this Electric Realistic Interactive Fish at least once in their nine lives!

Ebay Electric Realistic Interactive Fish Cat Kicker Crazy Dancing Pet Toy Xmas Gift

This cat toy will move like a real fish while your cat plays with it, courtesy of a battery securely hidden in the fish’s belly. The batter comes pre-installed and a USB cord for charging is also included with your purchase.

As it is made with high-quality material, the realistic fishy exterior is durable and not easy to damage. It does not contain any toxic material and is pet-safe.

Cats will be fascinated by this fish, which allows them to intact their natural behaviors and instincts in a non-destructive way.  They will be occupied for hours with this engaging and interactive toy, keeping them entertained instead of bored and lonely when cat parents aren’t home.

perfect loops cat paws gimmie gimmie gesture meme

3. A Cat Bridge

It’s well known that cats love climbing and looking down on their homes from a height. This cat bridge can not only provide them with an ideal vantage point, but also allow them to move from one cat tree to the next, creating a previously non-existent lane of cat traffic in your home which will keep them out from underfoot and happy.

This 90cm Roped Cat Bridge is perfect for the job.

Aliexpress 90cm Cat Bridge Climbing Frame Wood Pet Cat Tree House Bed Hammock Sisal Scratching Post Cat Furniture Cat Toy Wall Mounted

Although the standard length of this bridge is 90 cm (35.4 inches) it can be customized to be up to 140cm long as the product is made to order.

The product comes with all the screws needed for installation. Once it is securely wall-mounted, this cat bridge will provide a great place for your cat to run, nap, or just hang out and watch the goings-on outside of a high window or in a busy living room.

It is made of pine wood, which is suitable for cats’ natural climbing instincts and meshes well in almost any home decor situation.

The structure is more than sufficient to hold the weight of multiple cats at one time, making it friendly to a multi-cat household. Because it is wall-mounted, this cat bridge will not take up a noticeable amount of space in your home and can be placed over the top of furniture.

Cats will be very comfortable sleeping on the ladder, secure in their perch.
Best of all, the cat ladder comes in one piece so all you need to do is screw it into the wall where you want to place it!

cat climbing up the underside of the stairs incredible cat climbing

2. A Healthy Variety of Cat Toys!

Cats are incredibly active, intelligent, and curious animals and they can never have enough stimulation.

This package of 24 Cat Toys will keep your cat engaged and entertained for weeks at a time!

Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments, 2 Way Tunnel, Cat Feather Teaser - Wand Interactive Feather Toy Fluffy Mouse, Crinkle Balls for Cat, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten

This package deal offers great value, especially considering the great diversity of the toys that it includes.

A few of the notable items that are included in this 24 pack are a collapsible cat tunnel, cat teaser wand, interactive feather toy, fluffy mouse, crinkle balls, and cat springs among other things!
These toys will provide hours of exercise cognitive engagement to enrich your cat’s life during those hours when you’re away. Alternatively, you can also use these toys to play with your cat, interact, and bond when the two of you want to relax together.
Any toy with small parts does require supervision while the cat is playing, to ensure that no part of the toy is accidentally swallowed.

overwhelmed kitten confused cat too many choices

1 Hot New Cat Toy Trend: The Automatic Laser Cat Toy

The highly-rated and enormously popular Premier Pet Bolt Laser Cat Toy will be your cat’s new favorite thing in no time.

Sams Club Premier Pet Bolt Laser Cat Toy

This crazy cool gadget is an interactive laser toy that provides hours of entertainment for you and your cat.

In Automatic Mode, the toy will generate random laser patterns to engage your cat in fun, interactive play.

If you want to be more involved, you can turn it to Manual Mode which lets you point the laser in unique laser patterns you design.

The timer will automatically turn off this toy after 15 minutes.

cat chasing a laser pointer crazy funny playing

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