The Absolute Worst Gemini Gifts for 2021

The Absolute Worst Gemini Gifts for 2021

If you’ve been scouring Gemini horoscopes looking for gift ideas for the Gemini in your life, this list is for you.

No Gemini daily or monthly horoscope is going to have better gift-giving advice than you can find right here. We will help you figure out what you should absolutely avoid buying for your Gemini friend or loved one.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a Gemini Woman or a Gemini man this gift guide should be able to give you some ideas for things you absolutely shouldn’t buy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday gift, anniversary, or holiday gift, we’ve got these star signs figured out and we’re going to pass that knowledge on to you.

Of all the signs Gemini is the hardest to pin down. These mutable astrological signs are ruled by Mercury, which means that the Gemini zodiac can be the life of the party but they also can be fickle in their interests. This makes this one of the hardest zodiac gifts to suss out.

Gemini traits and Gemini compatibility require a lot of careful study to fully understand. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you!

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5. Smile Direct Club

While Smile Direct Club is a great service for an incredible value, it’s not the most flattering gift.

Smile Direct Club Straight Teeth Examples

This might be something that you long to get yourself, but buying it for a loved one might be taken the wrong way. It’s not the best idea to make someone you care about feel as if they don’t have a beautiful smile.

However, if you are thinking that this might be something you want for yourself or as a gift for a particularly smile-conscious Gemini there are some fast facts you should know.

Smile Direct Club claims to straighten teeth for 60% less than Invisalign and does it 100% from home. You are assigned a licensed dentist or orthodontist who will help you to determine the best plan to straighten your teeth. On average, most of these plans take about 4-6 months.

They have an option between 22-hour-wear SmileDirectClub aligners and SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners™ are worn for 10 continuous hours each night (though the treatment plans that rely on the night-time aligners are longer, being about 10 months average).

Either one of these options works best for cases of mild to moderate crowding, according to SmileDirectClub.

Unlike metal braces, these aligners allow you to eat your favorite foods and maintain your oral health habits like brushing and flossing without a bunch of metal in the way.

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4. Robe

Many gift-givers who don’t know what to give someone default to giving things like this Martha Stewart Collection Cotton robe.

Martha Stewart Collection Cotton Terry Bath Robe, Created for Macy's

However, most people already have their own robe and may have a different list of criteria for what they want in an object designed for comfort and relaxation.

Since robes are such standard gifts, this will hardly be exciting for a Gemini, who is all about trying new things and keeping an open mind.

To really wow a Gemini with your thoughtfulness, perhaps it wq2ould be a better idea to get them something with a little more variety and excitement.

A selection of bath bombs and/or face masks might make for a more interesting gift for a Gemini. Then, instead of throwing in the back of their bathroom drawer or linen closet, they will be more likely to want to give them a try.

The excitement of trying new things is one of the quickest ways to hook the sometimes-fickle Gemini’s interests.

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3. Virtual Reality Headset

This cutting-edge Virtual Reality headset is the latest and greatest thing in gaming technology.

Now you might be thinking that this new and exciting technology might make a good gift for a Gemini who loves trying new things.

Oculus - Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset - 64GB Best Buy

The Gemini zodiac sign is a dedicated social butterfly who is not naturally drawn to pursuits that leave them isolated for long periods of time.

The VR headset might keep their interest for an hour or a day but it wouldn’t ultimately be something that they would keep coming back to day after day.

If this were a cheaper gift that might be one thing, but for the expense of investing in new technology, you don’t want this to be one of those things that starts gathering dust after a week.

A more introverted personality type might love the low-stress fun of exploring incredibly realistic and high-quality gaming environments. The Gemini, however, simply needs more human interaction than that to be truly fulfilled.

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2. Microsoft 365 Subscription

A year-long subscription to Microsoft Office 365 might come to mind as a great gift for a student or busy business professional in your life.

Microsoft 365 Family subscription

However, the last thing you want to do is sign someone up for a subscription service that they might not want to pay for after the gift expires.

Unless you intend to pay for the service for years to come it’s best to let people decide what software they want to use. There are many great full-service options on the market, even if Mircosoft Office 365 is the industry standard.

It does work on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android with 1TB of storage per person and up to 6 people possible to host on one plan. That’s 6TB of storage total!

Still, you need to be sure that the person you’re buying for is a Microsoft person because there are so many software options out there these days.

It’s also not a terribly exciting gift.

1. Socks

No matter how good the socks are, even if they have a cute design or arch support, or they’re moisture-wicking, nobody wants to be gifted socks. This is really not ambiguous.

Don’t get me wrong, these Hanes Men’s FreshIQ® X-Temp® Active Cool® Crew Socks 12-Pack are great. But at the end of the day, they’re still socks.

Hanes Men's FreshIQ® X-Temp® Active Cool® Crew Socks 12-Pack

There is perhaps only one person who was ever genuinely delighted to be gifted a sock.

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