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May 1, 2021 DEALS!

Best Deals for National Fitness Day! Health club and gym memberships are all great, but health & fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Now more than ever, long term physical and mental fitness is so important. Check out the great deals below and you don’t even need a coupon code. Most even have free shipping!

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Pur Pressure Smart Blood Pressure Monitor 

  • Smart – Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator – best in the market in this class
  • Easy – One-button start and stop measurement
  • Large – easy to read LCD display
  • Convenient – wide cuff range (22cm-32cm)

List: $59.99

List Price: $34.99

Pur Pressure Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
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Strength Genesis 100% Pur Zealander Grass-Fed Whey Protein

  • Highest quality Bioavailable grass-fed protein
  • Highest quality natural ingredients
  • Sourced from New Zealand cows that graze on all-natural, pesticide-free farmlands within a country that upholds the strictest quality controls
  • Free from growth hormone and antibiotics

List Price: $69.99

Price: $49.99

Additional National Fitness Day Coupon: WELCOMESG

100% Pur Zealander Grass-Fed Whey Protein
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SG FOX – Fitness Socks

Plantar support – brace the mid foot, preventing painful plantar fasciitis and drop arch pain.

Ergonomic Fit – snug fit prevents slipping which can cause blisters.

Moisture wicking – breathable fiber blend ensures feet remain dry while preventing odors.

Mid-calf design (Crew Sock) – are comfortable and can be worn throughout the day and appropriate for almost any occasion.

Was: $24.99

With Deal: $16.99

Additional National Fitness Day Coupon: WELCOMESG

SG FOX – Fitness Socks
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Pur-Well Living (Deep Tissue Gun Massager)

  • Four (4) modes of percussion intensity
  • Two hours of therapy delivery battery life
  • Four interchangeable massage heads to treat different muscles
  • Rechargeable with Quick Charge
  • Auto-shutoff, with the overheat protection for added safety

Was: $74.99 

With Deal: $69.99

Pur-Well Living (Deep Tissue Gun Massager)
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GXMMAT Extra Large Yoga Mat

  • micro-foam
  • 【WORKOUT WITHOUT RESTRICTION】Extra long & wide for all-purpose fitness WITHOUT Shoes. Ideal for home yoga studios. Never feel restricted or limited by the size of your spacious gym mat. It can be used for any yoga pose, pilates, meditation, stretching, light cardio or other workout routines. Works great on most floor surfaces. Non-toxic and Eco-friendly.

Was: $242.95

Now: $209.95

GXMMAT Extra Large Yoga Mat
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DOTSOG 11 Pack Resistance Bands Set

  • Yellow Band – Extra Light (10 LBS)
  • Green Band – Light (15 LBS)
  • Red Band – Medium (20 LBS)
  • Blue Band – Heavy (25 LBS)
  • Black Band – Extra Heavy (30 LBS)

List Price: $19.95

With Deal: $15.50

DOTSOG 11 Pack Resistance Bands Set
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Freestyle Camo Rashguard

  • FOR: Swim, surf, stand-up paddleboard, and all water sports
  • FEEL: Recycled H₂ECO fabric is smooth and sleek with powerful stretch
  • FAVE: Full-coverage UPF protection lets you stay out there longer

List Price: $89.00

With Deal: $79.00

Freestyle Camo Rashguard
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KetoPrime contains ingredients shown to support healthy cells so they produce clean energy. Forbose is a mitochondria supplement that supports energy production. NeuroMaster supports attention, focus and neuron creation. From the gym to the office, get everything you need to help your mind and body perform at their peak.

List Price: $134.99

With Deal: $126.77

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  • BCAAs to fuel and recover

List Price: $49.99 

Price: $39.99

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