Prime Day Predictions: Top Beauty

Prime Day Predictions: Top Beauty

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is approaching at lightning speed and those Prime Day sales won’t wait for anyone.

Now is the best time to get your amazon gift cards ready, pull out your amazon prime rewards visa, and get ready to snag some amazing deals this year on amazon. 

This year prime day will offer the lowest price on many amazing items such as echo devices, fire tv, and also beauty products!

If you have your heart set on snagging some high-end beauty deals this Prime Day, you need to be prepared in advance for the rush of discounts so that you don’t regret not getting something extraordinarily discounted after it’s all over.

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Lancôme is an ultra-lux brand that many look for when beauty deals are in abundance during events such as Prime Day. We predict that Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation will be one of their flagship deals this year.

Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation, 1 oz lancome macys

This foundation provides 24 hours of full coverage with a photo-ready matte finish. On the skin, it feels lightweight, breathable while still maintaining a strong coverage. This formula is transfer and humidity resistant for long days when you won’t have time to reapply frequently.

Best of all, this amazing foundation is offered in 50 diverse shades.

Seamlessly covering imperfections, this formula leaves the skin looking natural and matte with its lightweight oil-free composition.

The color of the foundation will stay all day without oxidizing or fading and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Thoroughly tested under dermatological control, you can be sure this formula is non-comedogenic.

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Universal Beauty Crayon

Beauty is at its best when it’s innovative and versatile, so naturally, people are loving the We Are Fluide Universal Crayon..

We Are Fluide Universal Crayon Rose Rover Rose Gold Shimmer Makeup Hydrating and Moisturizing Shea Butter Dewy Highlighter Vegan, Cruelty-Free, ParabenFree, PhthalateFree

We Are Fluide is about as clean of a beauty brand as you could possibly hope to find. Their products are fully vegan (they do not include beeswax, lanolin, or any animal ingredients), cruelty-free, free of Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, and Triclosan.

This universal crayon is designed to be multi-purpose and buildable, with a smooth texture that glides on your lids, lips, or cheekbones. This shade is designed for wow-factor with an easy quick pop of shimmer that will draw the eye on all skin tones.

The formula is a fabulous combination of quick-drying and hydrating, with nourishing shea butter for happy skin all evening long. The texture allows for easy application that does not smudge.

We Are Fluid describes their products as, “makeup designed for all skin shades and gender expressions. We believe that makeup is joyful and fun — as well as powerful and transformative — and nobody should be left out.”

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Facial Skincare Systems

A full skincare system, such as Pur-Well Living Ageless Skincare System is an important part of your beauty routine at any age. We predict that this excellent and highly effective system will be a huge hit on Prime Day.


ageless skin products_17

This all-around skincare system describes itself as, “The next evolution of ageless skin”.

It has three components: the Ageless Facial Cleanser, the Ageless Eye Cream, and the Ageless Moisturizer.

The Pur Well Facial Products Ageless Skin Care System is designed with all-natural ingredients andformulated to both reduce inflammation at the surface of the skin as well as in the dermatitis layers that lie beneath.

This improves both the appearance and health of the skin.

Ageless Facial Cleanser

Using ingredients like grapefruit essential oil and glycerin, the Ageless Facial Cleanser rids the face of dead skin and leaves it smooth, soft, and supple.

Grapefruit essential oil dissolves the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, thereby exfoliating the skin, leaving it smoother, brighter, and with a more even tone.

Glycerin is a naturally occurring, non-toxic, and odorless skin conditioner. As a facial cleanser, it moisturizes, heals, and protects skin, and slows down aging by firming loose skin.

The Pur-Well Living Ageless Facial Cleanser is designed to cleanse and remove build-up from our pores. The gentle gel cleanser is easy on sensitive skin while removing the dry, dead skin from our skin and deep cleaning the surface.

The finish is a cleanser that leaves a cooling, clean sensation with smooth, luxurious skin.

Ageless Eye Cream

Nowhere on the face is skin as sensitive as around the eyes. This area is also often the first to show signs of aging such as discoloration and inflammation.

Our Ageless Eye Cream with Sea buckthorn oil promotes skin hydration and cellular repair through regeneration. It does so by improving the health of the cellular membrane, rather than merely concealing discolorations.

This formula also contains Easyliance. Easyliance works to help boost skin’s elasticity, removing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. This leaves firmer, younger-looking skin.

Furthermore, the Sea buckthorn oil also helps to reduce swelling, redness, and skin imperfections. The feel is a luxuriant hydrating sensation that is light and soft to touch, and visible after the first use.

Ageless Moisturizer

This moisturizer contains refreshing grapefruit essential oil which may contribute to healthy skin by preventing and treating skin conditions like acne. Many citrus essential oils, such as grapefruit oil, are known to have potent antibacterial and antioxidant activity.

Ceramides are lipids that help form the skin’s membrane and help the skin retain moisture and hydration. Ceramides also help protect the skin against free radical damages caused by environmental particles.

Many lotions do not contain the proper ratio of Ceramides. When this happens, the skin’s barrier can become compromised, leading to dryness, itching, and irritation.

Pur-Well has conscientiously designed a perfectly balanced formula.

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Skincare is essential for the whole body, not just the face. Neutrogena Body Oil Moisturizer will likely have great deals gifthis Prime Day, thanks to how cost-effective and hydrating it is.

Neutrogena Body Oil Moisturizer (16 fl. oz., 2 pk. + 1.0 fl. oz., 1 pk.)

This body oil provides a sheer moisturizing experience thanks to its light sesame formula.

The application of this product can help you achieve your smoothest, most radiant-looking skin.

To use, simply smooth in a few drops of oil while your skin is still damp after a shower or bath. Alternatively, you can add some of the oil to your bath water for a luxurious soak. You can even use it in place of shave cream for a silky-smooth hair removal process.

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Pore-Clearing Devices

As technology advances, the way we care for our skin must change to keep pace.

Innovative skincare tools like the Pur-Well Living Pur Pore Skin Blackhead Remover are therefore likely to make a splash with huge savings this year Prime Day as they help introduce people to a new way to care for their skin.

best pore vacuum pur-well living pur pore

In just a few minutes this device claims to clean pores,  reduces wrinkles and fine lines, remove blackheads, and erases acne. How this works is by cleaning deep-seated dirt and dimishing the appearance of large pores using gentle, deep cleansing suction to remove skin impurities.

This is suitable for all skin types.

With four sizes of replacement heads, you can change suction to adjust according to your needs.

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If you were considering the 30 days free trial of amazon prime membership, the Prime Day shopping event is the best time of year to be a prime member.

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