Best Charging Cable for 2021

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The Best Charging Cable for 2021

Email Image update 7/3/21

Super Cable 2 for 1!

Why does your charging cable fail?

It’s simple.

They break.

It might not look broken from the outside, but internally the pins and the contacts fatigue and wear.

Then the cord starts to work intermittently, then eventually not at all.

Sound familiar?

You need a better Cable!

Super-Cable Sale – Save $40 dollars and get Two (2) Cables!

Phones, tablets, speakers, and headphones are in constant use.

And as good as the devices are (iPhone, iPad, Mac book) the cables are terrible!

Buy Now Top Pick: $40 OFF – Intergalactic 3-in-1 Super Cable

Retail Price – $59.99

Sale Price – $19.99!

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They break apart, they tangle, the metal connector bends.

  • How about a charging cable/ charging devices that lasts?
  • How about one that can charge Apple, Android & USB products in the same cord?
  • How about one that can hold over 45-lbs of barbell weights? (kids and spouses can be tough on cords as well)
  • How about one that is over 40-inches long?
  • How about $40 off the newest and best cord on the market?
  • Lastly, how about two cords for the price of one?

I know this seems too good to be true – but in fact, it’s REAL today!

The newest and best Intergalactic Super-Cord (durable cable) you get the BEST cord deal EVER!

Buy Now: $40 OFF – Intergalactic 3-in-1 Super Cable

Retail Price – $59.99

Sale Price – $19.99!

Get Super Cables!
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This cable features:

  • Versatile:  One cable to charge an iPhone, Android, Kindle, Toys, Tablets and more
  • Tangle Free: because of the PET Braided Jacket and Metal Shell, it doesn’t tangle easily.  In fact, you’d have to go out of your way to tie it into a knot!
  • Durability: Nickel-plated connectors ensure that devices can be connected hundreds if not thousands of times without fatigue or missed contacts
  • Strength: The Intergalactic 3-in-1 Super Cable with its metal shell can handle some serious weight.  In fact, we’ve even hung a 45-pound Barbell plate from the cable! (Don’t try this with a rubber-coated charging cable)
  • Extra Long:  An amazing 40in length easily connects the wall outlet to your devices

Buy Now: $40 OFF – Intergalactic 3-in-1 Super Cable

Retail Price – $59.99

Sale Price – $19.99!

Superior Cables for all devices!
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