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Price $49.99

Special: $16.99!

Tough on your phone?

SUPER fast charging Power Stand Sale @ $16.99!

Quite simply put: this is hands down the best and fastest wireless charger I’ve ever used.

BUY IT NOW: $33 off new DB electronics fast wireless phone charger and stand

Was: $49.99
Now: $16.99

*Limited time price

Power Stand & Charger
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Forget the wires, the tangled cables and those painstakingly slow charge times.

  • Forget all those moments where you are trying to watch a show or stream music from a smartphone and there’s never a good way to cradle the device.
  • For the cost of what you will likely spend on one dinner out, you can have a charger to last you for years.
  • The DB Electronic wireless fast charger is three times faster than a wall outlet and at 10 watts, it has double the fast charge potential of most competing products.

The success of this product comes from two smart QI charge contacts built into the stand.

Most wireless charging pads at this price only have one contact.

This wireless charger features smart chip technology that identifies the charging needs of your smartphone.

Whether it’s an iPhone X, the new iPhone 12 or a Samsung, this charger provides the safest and most efficient charge in record time.

BUY IT NOW: $33 off new DB electronics fast wireless phone charger and stand

Was: $49.99
Now: $16.99


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