A Great Gift For Anyone On Their Feet – Our Fitness Socks Now Only $5!

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Great gift for anyone on their feet!

Your Feet…

  • Do they sometimes feel tired and achy?
  • Do you feel like they sap your energy?
  • Have you gone through countless pairs of sneakers and shoes looking for the ‘perfect fit?’

It may not be your shoes at all…it might be your socks!

We believe that the most neglected piece of athleisure is one of the most intimate; your socks.

Gone shall be the days of white tube socks that quit and collapse down to your ankle.

Furthermore, patterned dress socks, while good-looking, overwhelmingly under-perform and are a terrible fit for the gym.

Just like premium athletic wear, your socks need to perform and impress.

BUY IT NOW: $20 OFF SG FOX – Fitness Socks:

Was: $24.99
Now: $4.99

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The Right Socks have:

  1. Plantar support – brace the midfoot, preventing painful plantar fasciitis and drop arch pain.
  2. Ergonomic Fit – snug fit prevents slipping which can cause blisters.
  3. Moisture-wicking – breathable fiber blend ensures feet remain dry while preventing odors.
  4. Mid-calf design (Crew Sock) – are comfortable and can be worn throughout the day and appropriate for almost any occasion.


  • Blue/Black/Green – The Flagship
  • Black/Orange – Pumpkin Crew
  • Black/Pink – Pink Galaxy
  • Black/Charcoal – Black Ops


  • Women – 6-9
  • Mens – 7-12

BUY IT NOW: $20 OFF SG FOX – Fitness Socks:

Was: $24.99
Now: $4.99

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