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Doorbuster Just $59.99!

Simply better.

This is now just $59.99 – Black Friday!

Why pay $100, $160, $225 or more for oftentimes LOWER quality?

It outperformed the major brands – and for good reason:

  • Built stronger
  • Better looking
  • Longer lasting on one charge than any other sonic brush

In fact, the longest-lasting and most effective sonic toothbrush on the market!!

$100 OFF #1 Performing sonic toothbrush in its class!

White Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush 

Price 159.99 

Sale: 59.99!

*Black Diamond – add $10

Sale Pur Hydro Clean!
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Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush (& Diamond Edition)

  1. Deep cleans – even the most stubborn plaque
  2. Gently whiten – removing staining and adding brilliance
  3. Pulsate gums – the most overlooked aspect of dental care for the prevention of bad breath, tooth decay and oral cancer
  4. Tooth coach – Smart technology indicating when to change tooth areas and prevent against pressing too hard
  5. Long-lasting – three (3) MONTHS of use on a single charge!  (Unheard of and 2x to 3x longer than the nearest competitor)
  6. Ultra-quiet – designed to reduce sounds and head irritation
  7. Fully waterproof – Can keep underwater FOREVER!

Your teeth and gums will feel better after the first use.

White Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush 

Price 159.99 

Sale: 59.99!

*Black Diamond – add $10

Doorbuster Sale!
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