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Pur Oxygen Flash sale

Your drive to work can be a killer – literally!

Reg. $79.99

Sale: $16.99!

The portable air purifier- Pur Oxygen

(Perfect for the car, office, bathroom, etc)

With each breath, we likely inhale many of the pollutants of the road, including:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Emissions from other vehicles
  • Manufacturing/factory discharge
  • Asphalt gases
  • Environmental pollen

BUY IT NOW: $63 off Pur Oxygen portable air purifier

Was: $79.99
Now: $16.99

*Lowest Price Ever!

Sale: Pur Oxygen
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Pur Oxygen Portable Air Purifier Product Features:

  • Removes smoke and odors, formaldehyde
  • Refreshes your mind and relieves driving fatigue
  • Helps reduce bacteria and viruses – 5million pcs/cm3
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Compact design conveniently fits in a cup holder
  • Designed for spaces up to 131 sq. ft.
  • Sterilization rate: 97.00%
  • Uses a cluster ion technology
  • Push-button control panel
  • Uses 1 watt of power to help save energy, won’t drain the battery
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s Warranty

BUY IT NOW: $63 off Pur Oxygen portable air purifier

Was: $79.99

*Lowest Price Ever!

Doorbuster: $16.99!
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