Hydro Toothbrush by Pur Well Living – Now $60

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Pur Well Hydro Clean Toothbrush 2
Sonic Special |Just $59.99!

Simply better.

With the Pur Well Hydro-Clean Toothbrush available, why pay $100, $160, $225, or more for oftentimes LOWER quality?

It outperformed the major brands – and for good reason:

  • Built stronger
  • Better looking
  • Longer lasting on one charge than any other sonic brush

In fact, the longest-lasting and most effective sonic toothbrush on the market!!

$100 OFF #1 Performing sonic toothbrush in its class! (Now that’s a deal)

  1. White Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush 
  2. Black Diamond Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush 

Price: $159.99 – $179.99

$59.99 – White

$69.99 – Black Diamond 

Sale Pur Hydro Clean!
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Why Choose The Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean Electric ToothBrush?

  1. Deep cleans – even the most stubborn plaque
  2. Gently whiten – removing staining and adding brilliance
  3. Pulsate gums – the most overlooked aspect of dental care for the prevention of bad breath, tooth decay and oral cancer
  4. Tooth coach – Smart technology indicating when to change tooth areas and prevent against pressing too hard
  5. Long-lasting – three (3) MONTHS of use on a single charge!  (Unheard of and 2x to 3x longer than the nearest competitor)
  6. Ultra-quiet – designed to reduce sounds and head irritation
  7. Fully waterproof – Can keep underwater FOREVER!
  8. Contoured bristles and soft-grip handle for a comfortable brushing experience
  9. Up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute, removes up to ten times more plaque than a manual toothbrush
  10. 2-minute auto-timer helps you meet the dentist-recommended brushing time, 30-second interval reminders help you evenly brush each quadrant of your mouth
  11. Choose your preferred cleaning mode and intensity depending on your needs – choose from 4 brushing modes, including CLEAN, SOFT, WHITEN, AND MASSAGE, to ensure you have the most comfortable brushing experience

Your teeth and gums will feel better after the first use.

  1. White Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush 
  2. Black Diamond Pur-Sonic Hydro-Clean ToothBrush 

Price: $159.99 – $179.99

$59.99 – White 

$69.99 – Black Diamond with coupon

Sonic | Black Diamond Sale!
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