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A Critical Issue With An Easy Fix

Blood Pressure Monitors, who needs them?

What if we told you that blood pressure monitoring is life or death for 1 out of 3 adults!

While an alarming 33% of adults have high and potentially dangerous blood pressure – monitoring it doesn’t have to be difficult.

It used to be that you could only accurately monitor your blood pressure at your physician’s office.

Then drug stores became a place – offering kiosks located adjacent to the pharmacy.

Now, you can accurately monitor and manage your blood pressure at home – with a best-in-class, World Health Organization (WHO) indicated Smart Monitor.

The standard in blood pressure management!

Pur Pressure Smart Blood Pressure Monitor 

Regular Price: $54.99 

Sale Price: $19.99


Pur Pressure | $19.99!
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Blood Pressure Monitor Features

  • Accurate blood pressure readings – give you dependable and reliable measurements
  • Identify high blood pressure – readings to take real-time action
  • Quickly and efficiently – monitor and track your family’s health
  • Portable enough – to take anywhere and everywhere
  • Giving You Peace of Mind – All Day. Every Day.


  • Smart – Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator – best in the market in this class
  • Easy – One-button start and stop measurement
  • Large – easy to read LCD display
  • Convenient – wide cuff range (22cm-32cm)
  • Versatile – 2 users, 90 measurement memory sets
  • Economical – Automatic power off
  • Durable – double-stitched extra strength fabric
  • Compliant – World Health Organization (WHO) classification indicator

Pur Pressure Smart Blood Pressure Monitor 

Regular Price: $54.99 

Sale Price: $19.99



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