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Glass water bottles are here to help you improve the health of both you and the planet – one drink at a time!

What Makes A Waterbottle Great?

Improve the health of both you and the planet – one drink at a time!

For a healthy body, hydration is key.

Cellular health – within every muscle, tendon, and organ depends upon it.

From professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even healthy lifestyle beginners – it’s always good advice to drink more water.

For active individuals – looking to lose weight, drop fat and get fit, we recommend ½ of your weight in ounces of water per day.

Most of our portable options are engrossed in plastic – which is unhealthy for both you and our planet; it is careless and disrespectful for future generations.


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Quality Of The Best Glass Water Bottles

  • Comfort Wide Width Mouth – makes drinking easier and more comfortable than thin edge plastic or metal.  The same wonderful feeling as enjoying your favorite drinking glass at home.
  • Leak Proof Cap – The SG Glass Hydra Bottle will not leak.  Our cap features a removable food-grade silicone o-ring that seals perfectly to the glass.
  • Portable – The cap features a built-in carry strap for ease of transporting on the go.
  • Reusable, BPA FREE, and without chemical tastes – Plastic is a petroleum by-product that contains many potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Sustainable – Save the environment one drink at a time by using reusable glass.
  • Essential Oil Friendly – Safely use your essential oils in this bottle.
  • Extra Large – The  SG Glass Hydra Bottle is 550ml; 18.5ounces, which is 10% larger than most water bottles.
  • Dishwasher Safe – The SG Glass Hydra Bottle can be put right in the dishwasher.


Retail: $29.99

Special: $1.99!


$1.99 Special
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