The Deal Minute’s Editorial Policy on Affiliate Links

Yes, we use affiliate links. No, these links do not influence editorial decisions.

Affiliate Links Transparency

From time to time we will post links to buy products from and other online retailers. If you choose to click, the URL will contain a small code that identifies links from our website, and that signals the retailer to send our company a small percentage of the money you spend. This does not mean we are indebted to Amazon or any other retailer, nor does it lead us to favor some products or companies over others. Our affiliate program functions completely independently of our editorial media process. The Deal Minute’s reporters and editors are not encouraged to cover products because they are available on Amazon or anywhere else, and do not benefit individually from doing so.

Affiliate links have become a common practice in online publishing, and they offer another means of paying for the timely journalism you expect from The Deal Minute. However, if you object to this process, we’ll help you opt out. Here’s how to remove an Amazon affiliate code from a The Deal Minute URL:

Right-click the link in question and select “Copy Link”

Paste the link in your browser’s URL field. Then highlight and delete the ?tag=insertname-20 portion.

So this:

Should Become this:


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